The Roasted Bean L. L. C.
We at THE ROASTED BEAN are passionate about our coffee and our customers. We only roast what we plan on using for the week, ensuring you only get the freshest coffee possible. All of our coffees at THE ROASTED BEAN LLC. are of specialty grade and traded at a fair market price. Our supplier’s well-being is just as important to us as our customers satisfaction in our service and quality of our product.
The Roasted Bean LLC
My name is Brian Gomez and in 2011, at the age of 22, i was involved in a horrific dirt-bike accident that left me paralyzed. I had never backed down from a challenge before, but this was a different kind of blow. It was perhaps inspite of my new reality. that I Stubbornly made myself look ahead to how I would not only make myself stronger, but also pursue my dreams of owning my own coffee shop. Not one day was easy. But on the days where progress seemed hopeless, I would find myself mentally escaping and reflecting upon my memories of that mom-and-pop coffee shop - and feel as though I could still smell tha aromas coming from the roasting beans. In 2015 I went ahead and purchased an industrial roaster and TRB, LLC was officially created. Each year since I have entered roasting competations because I wanted to get better and be recognized as a skilled roaster in the Specialty Coffee Industry. Thankfully, nearly 5 years later, I can now proudly say that I am a nationally ranked roaster and have interviewed for various publications. Those initial business pertnerships turned into many more partnerships across Southern California. Restaurants, coffee shops, wine and beer tasting rooms, and other have all seen in me what I hoped would be my reality one day: that I am honest, loyal and fight with everything I have in me to achieve my goals.
The Roasted Bean LLCOur Mission
The initial mission of TRB, LLC was to deliver to its customers a quality product they can depend upon with each purchase. I am Grateful for the every customer that recognizes that quality enough to support me. I am greatful for the support and i look forward to all the places I know my coffee business can still go in the years to come as I continue further expanding upon the types of coffee from around the world. I have kept my promise to never sacrifice profit for quality and I continue to hold that as a core principle for my business.