The Roasted Bean, Coffee

We at THE ROASTED BEAN are passionate about our coffee and our customers. We only roast what we plan on using for the week Insuring you only get the freshest coffee possible. All of our coffees at THE ROASTED BEAN LLC. are of specialty grade and traded at a fair market price. Our supplier’s well-being is just as important to us as our customers satisfaction in our service and quality of our product. Here at THE ROASTED BEAN we are family without each other none of this is possible. Please write us and tell us what you think.


What is up guys I have some really good news for you all. I am at the Pasadena farmers market every other Saturday. The next time we will be there will be February 2. Good news for you Chiapas lovers. We have it back in stock!

Farmers Markets

I want to let you all know that I am currently involved in three markets.

1. The Shops of Chino Hills: Wednesday from 4pm-8pm

2. Victoria Gardens: Fridays from 10am-2pm

3. Upland City Hall: Saturdays 9am-2pm

Good Morning

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are now looking forward to this Wednesday. Iron & Kin and the TRB will be offering exceptional cups of coffee and freshly roasted beans at the San Dimas Farmers Market every week from 4-9 this summer.


All right everyone I have some updates. First I will be bringing in some new coffees Sumatra, Mexico, and Kenya in the next couple of weeks. For all my fellow Harrar lovers I have been told I should be able to get my hands on that coffee by June. Thank you all for your support!!


I would like to let everyone know that I am running a Special on my Chiapas coffee at the La Verne Farmers Market. Chiapas which usually sold for $12.00/lb will be priced at $10.00/lb. The Market is located near the cross streets of Bonita and D Street. Happy Holidays